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   Kyle A. Cavaliere is being recognized by Continental Who's Who as a Distinguished Executive for his excellent work in the field of Business Strategy and Talent Optimization and in acknowledgment of his work as the Owner and CEO of Style Analytics, Inc and President of Luxury Chamber SW FL.

Before founding Style Analytics Inc., Mr. Cavaliere worked as the Owner of Cavaliere Ent Inc. Mr. Cavaliere has over ten years of experience in the field. As the Owner of Style Analytics, Inc., Mr. Cavaliere helps businesses transform their processes and strategies and utilize the talent on staff acquired to form high-performing teams to optimize the company, increase productivity, and maximize efficiency. He specializes in fraud detection and monitoring, finding lost funds, management consulting, and assisting teams as they plan asset protection programs for the future. He offers introductory consultations, where he discusses his clients' goals, execution of their plans, and helps plan fresh new projects.

Among other tools, he is a Certified Talent Optimization Consultant, and utilizes the Predictive Index as a large part of his management consulting tools. Mr. Cavaliere founded Style Analytics Inc. in March 2021, taking on the role of CEO. He works to implement new business strategies to create ultra-efficient work processes. He is ready to tackle any challenge and put his clients on the path to success. He believes the key to his success is his deep focus, strict discipline, and hard work.

To make his client's dreams come to life, Mr. Cavaliere strategizes using smart tools and resources from around the globe. This helps him understand the implications of each choice his clients make, assessing risk management. Since opening its doors in March 2021, the company has retained an extensive list of clients.

In his newest acquisition in September 2021, Mr. Cavaliere became the President of Luxury Chamber SW FL. The company creates enjoyable cultural networking events by connecting purveyors of luxury goods and services with brand aficionados and philanthropists. They create unique charity events at popular venues, and are proud to share high-quality referrals, educational opportunities, and member benefits with the exclusive list of members and celebrities.

Mr. Cavaliere started his career as a power line repairman. After ten years, he started his company, Style Analytics Inc. In the future, he hopes to secure government contracts and expand his networking opportunities. Mr. Cavaliere's most outstanding achievement is opening Style Analytics and Luxury Chamber SW FL, where he loves working one-on-one with his clients to improve their businesses. He looks forward to expanding the companies to a national or global audience.

He holds certifications as a Certified Talent Optimization Consultant and a Certified Business Consultant. To stay abreast of developments in the field, he is an Elite Member of FoundersCard.

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