Luxury Chamber SW FL Chapter is Celebrating Our 3 Year Anniversary on November 18th. As always members attend free. Non-members can register a ticket while supplies last by clicking on upcoming events

Luxury Chamber of Commerce

The Basics:  The purpose of Luxury Chamber is to unite purveyors with appreciative clients of luxury goods & services as well as polite society with charity benefactors. In addition to being a bridge sponsor for members and the local community we also provide educational opportunities in the arenas of luxury real estate, art, exotic & vintage cars, yachting, fashion brands and design.   Whilst business people enjoy the networking aspect of our events, we are distinct from the local chamber of commerce and other business networking groups in that our events tend to take on a theme centered around art and culture and oftentimes tie into local charities and institutions.  Each month we host with a different charity including: health, veterans, poverty, animals, local universities and arts such as ballet and theatre.


  Our members and attendees include celebrities, fashion illustrators, fashion brand marketing managers, luxury real estate brokers, design professionals, publishers, philanthropists, yachting and marine industry professionals, jewelers, artists & C-Level Executives. 

The Fine Print:

  We allow an unlimited number of luxury industry professionals into our elite ranks and one per category per county for other professional categories i.e. - dentist, CPA, financial advisor etc.  Purveyor of Luxury or supporting philanthropist?  JOIN TODAY!!!  Other business professional?  Please contact us before joining to make sure that your business category is available and that you'd be a good fit for our organization. *Luxury Chamber reserves the right to refuse admission and or service to any individual or business entity for the purpose of maintaining a professional event environment.

New Members Fall 2021

Kyle Cavaliere -  Style Analytics
Michael Pavlovic -  Cru Wine Club
Christin Taylor -  Mortgage Broker
John P. Contini -  Individual Member
Lisa Shanahan -  Marble & Stone Design
Cosimo Picci -  Hospitality Professional
The Sweetest Things - Catering Company
Chris Carter, Kyle Cavaliere & Jay Shapiro
       Oct 2021 - MEMBER HIGHLIGHT       
Tom Monaghan
Tom Monaghan was born in Ann Arbor, MI in 1937.  He was introduced to Luxury Chamber Founder Jay Shapiro by his college roommate Barry Epstein who served as Jay's Vice President at the time.  Barry was offered a founders position at Dominoes Pizza and he turned it down.  A decision he regretted for the rest of his life!  He stayed in touch with Mr. Monaghan and had him join Luxury Chamber of Commerce and speak at one of our events.  The three had dinner after the event!  Tom is a fascinating GENIUS!!  Hear the entire story by attending one of our charity functions....

1.27.21 Accredited Investor Festa

2.24.21 3rd Annual Suits, Sushi & Socialites

3.24.21 Par for the Horse Fundraiser
Event Mailing List:
Kevin Kaufman - October 2021 Event
Winner of the "Captiva Spirits" Door Prize
Rocky Patel, Elissa Wallace and Jay Shapiro
Salinka Melof and Chris Carter - October 2021
Luxury Chamber SW FL President Kyle Cavaliere
Jay Parnassa Shapiro, Rocky Patel and millionaire Businessman Kyle Cavaliere
Burn by Rocky Patel - Members of Luxury Chamber Naples SW FL Chapter 2021
appetizers by cavo in Naples FL
Frankie Sinatra Barbato, Kyle Cavaliere, Cosimo Picci
Dessert Bar by "The Sweetest Things"
Rick Sykes with Tony Cavaliere and Frankie Sinatra Barbato
                                            Rick Sykes, Tony Cavaliere and Frankie Sinatra Barbato


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