History of Naples, Florida

Naples, FL was founded by a business networking group from Tallahassee known as NTIC (Naples Town Improvement Company) their goal was to monopolize on cheap land and sell it at what appeared then to be very fair prices for real estate. In 1887 a confederate Army General and Democratic Senator by the name of John Stuart Williams came to town with some of his Kentucky businessmen and bought out NTIC and renamed it Naples in hopes of making it more prosperous via tourism and the marine / shipping industry. The city did not grow fast until the first train arrived in town which was known as The Orange Blossom.  The U.S. Army set up a training base in 1943 and the towns population exploded.  The airport which was used by the Army was donated to the city after the war in 1953 and became what is now the Naples Municipal Airport.  Naples residents tend to be very affluent so this airport works just fine for private jets.  The city still does not have an international airport yet residents can travel to Fort Myers which is just over 40 miles away.  The city did not have a bank until 1950. Naples is now considered the 2nd wealthiest city in the United States on a per capita basis. Some notable companies include: The Ritz Carlton, Waldorf Astoria, NCH Healthcare and the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club. One of the finest Operas in the state is based there and the city boasts many celebrities including:
Bob Seger
Barbara Walters
Bill Gates
Shahid Khan
Larry Bird
Buzz Aldrin
Mike Ditka
Rocky Patel
Larry Merlo

Some celebrities in nearby Fort Myers include:
Deion Sanders
Haley Bennett
Nolan Henke
Terri Kimball
Tommy Watkins