The Luxury Chamber Casino
*Luxury Chamber Casino promotes charitable giving in society.  The casino chips and related devices have no cash value.  The only value they possess is the value of bringing potential philanthropists to our entertainment events and expanding the network of the non-profit.  We do not profit from the casino.  100% goes directly to the charity and chips are obtained at the booth or exhibitor table of the charity.

1.) Chip Values

White - $1
Red - $5
Blue - $10
Green - $25
Black - $100

2.) Chip Distribution at Events

Members:  $100 in comped chips at every event!
Non-Members who purchased advance tickets:
Face Value - if you purchased an early bird ticket for $50 you will receive $50 in chips
Non-Members who pay at the door: Face Value of the cover charge paid!
Guests of Members: $1 (additional coins may be obtained from the non-profit booth by making a donation)

3.) Prizes

The chips may be used to play cards or other games at the various tables.  At the end of the event he or she with the most chips will win the grand prize, second highest number of chip value will win the second prize and so on...  Each event is different!!  At some events the grand prize might be worth $50 and at other events $100,000. the objective in going to Luxury Chamber  Casino events is NOT to win prizes yet to help the sponsoring non-profit gain just a little more exposure thus helping them fulfill their dream of making the world a better place!!!